Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training




6 hrs

About the Course

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training explores ways we as yoga instructors can use breath work, meditation techniques and yoga to help students recover from trauma. BCS Wellness offers two training programs, one for certified yoga instructors and one for licensed social workers and therapists or anyone who desires to incorporate trauma sensitive yoga into their practice or teachings. Our program is divided into modules that offer yoga teachers an education on various types of trauma and its after effects and how yoga, breathing exercises and meditation when done using trauma sensitive queuing, poses etc... can help trauma survivors heal. Licensed social workers and therapists will learn about yoga and how to incorporate poses and breathing techniques into their practice, in addition to therapy, helping their clients heal from trauma.

Both training programs can be used with students/clients in a private setting, in a classroom or in setting where a group of individuals are recovering from trauma. We will discuss various types of trauma and what yoga techniques can and should be used or not used in those situations. In-person training is completed in 6 hours with a short break for lunch. All material will be provided and each participant will receive a certificate upon completion. This workshop qualifies for Yoga Alliance's continuing education. We offer workshops virtually via zoom, at BCS Wellness and also travel to other locations upon request.

Yoga Teacher Training Modules

What is trauma?


How does Yoga heal trauma?

Studies on trauma and yoga

Cueing with trauma sensitive students


Children and trauma


Domestic violence and abuse

PTSD and Complex PTSD

Sexual assault and violence


Recommended readings

Restorative yoga for victims of trauma (each student participates in this one hour class at the conclusion of the workshop)

Licensed Social Workers and Therapists Training Modules

What is yoga?

Studies on trauma and yoga

Yoga and trauma

Yoga poses and queuing

Breathing exercises


Yoga Nidra


Triggers in yoga/ Proper language

Teaching yoga one-on-one

Teaching yoga to a class

Recommended readings

Restorative yoga for victims of trauma (each student participates in this one hour class at the conclusion of the workshop)

Your Instructor


Angie Berthelsen is a certified Personal Trainer and 200-Hour Yoga Instructor, also certified in Trauma Sensitive Yoga through Healing Lotus and Hartgrove Behavioral Health System. She has well over 1,000 hours of teaching experience. She is currently earning her Masters degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on mental health and exercise.
Angie is a survivor of trauma and domestic Violence, having first hand experience with depression, anxiety and PTSD. She is passionate about psychology, yoga and its healing powers as well as educating yoga instructors and other educators on the benefits of trauma sensitive yoga.